Terrifying road rage incident sees BMW driver try to ram Audi


A driver has released footage of the moment another driver tried to ram him onto a fast-moving motorway near Walton Summit in Lancashire.

Vikesh Rathod claims the 'irrational' BMW One Series driver deliberately tried to clip the front of his car on the slip road to the M61 N, forcing him to swerve at high speed.

The 25-year-old has now asked police to investigate the incident, which began as he attempted to merge behind a Ford Fiesta at 4:20pm on November 16.

The BMW driver pushed ahead of Rathod's Audi, before braking sharply. He then pulls onto the hard shoulder, and Rathod follows suit, thinking the man wants to discuss the near miss.

Suddenly, the BMW speeds up and shoots towards him, and Rathod has to swerve across the hashed lines onto the motorway.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the electrical engineer from Preston, Lancashire, said : "It was really quite scary. You feel unsafe when someone is driving at you in such an irrational manner.

"You can't see on the camera just how much he swerves at me, but it was totally unexpected. He could have caused a pile-up.

"I didn't know what was coming in the lane to the right of me because I was too worried about this guy. If it hadn't been clear, there would have been trouble.

"When we were actually on the M61 he dropped behind me and followed me until I got off. I was worried he might try something else.

"There's no damage to the car but the whole episode was stressful and unpleasant. There was no aggression from me but he was an idiot of a driver."

Lancashire Police have confirmed that the BMW driver has been traced, but it yet to be arrested or charged.