Cyclist in near-miss with train at level crossing


A cyclist had an incredibly close call with a train as he attempted to cross the track at a level crossing, despite warning lights flashing.

The man's near miss was caught on CCTV from two trains. He is seen waiting for one train to pass him at Ducketts level crossing in Pudsey, Leeds, before stepping out behind it and beginning to cross.

However, this train appears to have hidden another one, approaching from the opposite direction, and the man is oblivious to the impending danger as he pushes his bicycle. Noticing the train at the very last minute, he steps backwards, avoiding death by mere inches.

The crossing is notoriously dangerous, having seen 18 worrying incidents over the past year and a half, involving both cars and pedestrians.

It is unknown when this latest incident took place.

The footage has been released as a railway safety warning, with Network Rail commenting that ignoring railway safety procedures can have "life-changing consequences".