Dashcam footage captures instant karma for driver speeding down hard shoulder

Impatient driver had sped along hard shoulder before cutting in front of logging lorry


This is the moment an impatient driver is handed a plate of instant karma after being filmed undertaking a traffic jam at high speed.

The red Nissan Juke is seen zooming up the hard shoulder and speeding past a lorry carrying timber.
But just moments later, the man who filmed this dashcam footage on the M5 spotted the inconsiderate driver getting his comeuppance.

He is later seen standing outside his vehicle having his collar felt by traffic police who used blue lights to stop him in his tracks, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The footage was posted online by DA Holt, who said: "Karma finds an arrogant driver who thinks he is more important than the rest of us."

Car on road

The driver had sped along the hard shoulder before cutting into the motorway in front of the lorry piled with a 20ft-high stack of logs.

It comes after a chilling video clip captured another motorway near miss, this time on the M25.
A lorry driver was millimeters from being killed after he got out to inspect his truck on the hard shoulder.

Car stopped

Heart-stopping footage showed the man bending down to inspect the damage to his vehicle - just before another truck flew past and smashed off his wing mirror.