Ferrari unveils limited edition J50


Ferrari has released a limited run model, the J50, to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary of the brand's presence in Japan.

Only ten models will be built of the bespoke two-seat convertible supercar and it is based on the chassis of the 488 Spider.

The J50 was launched at the National Art Center in Tokyo at an event commemorating the special anniversary.

With so few versions being built, the Italian manufacturer will build each model to suit the customers according to Ferrari's 'fuori serie' (custom built) tradition.

The newly designed bodywork has a futuristic feel, which Ferrari describes as having 'a highly distinctive personality that suits the tastes of a clientele that seeks the utmost in innovative styling.' Ferrari also describes the J50 as having 'styling cues seen on iconic models such as the GTO, F40 and F50'.

Ferrari unveil limited edition J50

Ferrari unveil limited edition J50

To make the car as aerodynamic as possible, Ferrari has moved the radiators of the base 488 Spider closer together, meaning the front bumper could be completely redesigned to be more streamlined, and the windscreen header has been lowered to improve air flow over the rear spoiler and aero foil.

On the inside, the customer can specify the trim they would prefer, and it has been cleverly designed to stow the two-piece carbon fibre targa roof, which is stored behind the seats.

To power the model, Ferrari has installed a 3.9-litre V8 that produces 680bhp. The engine used won the overall International Engine of the Year award earlier this year.

At the model's launch, it was displayed in a special shade of red with black detailing, with red and black Alcantara interior trim.

Article written by Jack Healy