Road-raging motorists fail to spot cop standing metres away


Two furious motorists have been left red-faced after they held up traffic to settle their differences, failing to notice a police officer standing just a few metres away.

The video clip, which sees an officer taking part in an interview for CBC News in Canada, quickly takes a strange turn when the interviewer points out that two men were engaged in a fracas on the motorway below them.

Naturally, the cameraman turns his attention to the scrapping drivers, who are on the brink of coming to blows, only to have the police chief shout: "Hey. Get back in the car! Grow up!" to the men.

The incident occurred in Toronto last year and was originally uploaded to YouTube, but a recent resurfacing on Reddit this week has seen the clip go viral.

The cop finishes the in true style when he exclaims: "Come on boys. Move it!" as the duelling duo slowly moves back towards their respective vehicles, apparently over the argument.

"Everyone's a winner," shouts the cop, before turning back to his interview.

Watch the clip below: