Formula 1 in 8-Bit is more entertaining than the real thing


Many fans would argue that this year's Formula 1 season has been on of the dullest on record, despite the powers that be claiming that, "a tense, emotional, draining title fight was finally settled in the most intense fashion in 2016".

If you don't believe the official line, it's worth taking a look a short clip that the F1 PR team has put together. Crafted in retro 8-Bit gaming style, it gives one of the most entertaining recaps of the season.

Packed full of cheeky jibes, such as a reminder of Kvyat's slamming Sebastien Vettel off the road in Russia and losing his drive to Max Verstappen, the ace YouTube short does a better job of summarising the season than the long-winded official review on the F1 site.

We don't want to spoil the clip for you but it proves that the Formula 1 machine does have a sense of humour after all.

Watch the clip below.