Angry motorist lambasts traffic warden for 'parking illegally'


A furious Stroud resident has captured and uploaded the moment he lost his rag with a traffic warden for allegedly parking in a 30-minute zone "all day".

The video, which focuses on a shy and slightly awkward looking traffic warden, sees the motorist bombard the civil enforcement officer from behind the camera with a series of accusations, including the warning that he "would be going to the papers."
In the clip the angry resident can be heard saying: "This is your car, this one here, in a 30-minute zone."

"And you can park there all day can you?"

"You've got the right to park there illegally all day have you, is that correct?" he continues.

To which the traffic warden simply replies, "I'm not making any comment sir."

However, a spokesperson for APCOA, a private firm employed by the County Council to enforce parking rules, told Gloucestershire Live: "Our Civil Enforcement Officer is permitted to park in this location whilst conducting his duties."

The council went on to confirm that civil enforcement officers are allowed to overstay in time limited spaces in order to do their job, particularly in a location like Stroud, which has limited parking spaces.

It went on to state that wardens would not be allowed to park on double yellow lines, but do have permission to park in bays on duty, which the officer did clearly in the clip.

According to The Express, Jim Daniels, the parking manager at Gloucestershire County Council, added: "The public asked us to carry out more patrols in Stroud to deal with anti-social parking in the town.

"Our staff have to park in spaces when patrolling and this usually take longer than 30 minutes, especially when monitoring long stay parking."

Watch the video below: