Prices and specs for Triumph Bobber revealed


Triumph has announced prices and specifications for its all-new Bonneville Bobber.

The 1940s-style chopper, which was launched two months ago, is the latest addition to the Bonneville family. It features the same 1,200cc parallel twin-cylinder 'High Torque' motor as the T120 Bonneville, but thanks to different tuning, makes 10 per cent more power and torque at 4,500rpm.

First rides report that this adjusted engine makes for a more urgent throttle response than its classic sibling, and that the Bobber cruises comfortably at 70mph at 3,000rpm.

Producing 76bhp and 78ftlb, the 228kg bike boasts a seat height of just 690mm, making it significantly shorter than the Bonneville, which measures at 785mm. This seat can be adjusted horizontally to accommodate for taller or shorter riders.

The two riding modes of Rain and Road, a ride-by-wire throttle, traction control and ABS – all of which feature on the T120 – bring modern day usability to the Bobber. While small, the 9.1-litre tank offers a range of 138miles, thanks to a claimed 69mpg.

The engine is housed in a tubular steel cradle frame, to which the pea shooter exhausts are attached. Despite the Bobber's hard tail appearance, it is actually a soft tail, with a single rear shock concealed under the seat. Front suspension is accounted for by bespoke KYB 41mm forks.

Triumph Bobber

Triumph Bobber

The base model is to enter dealerships in February, and will be priced from £10,500 in Jet Black, with other colour options costing slightly more. Two Inspiration kits will dramatically change the Bobber's appearance from as little as £1,600 (excluding fitting).

The Quarter Mile Bobber kit adds clip-on bars, blacked-out silencers, headers, intake covers, headlamp bezel, leather seat, 'gummy' grips and a short front mudguard.

The Old School Bobber features 'Ape hanger' bars, brushed stainless silencers, a short front mudguard, a tan leather seat, 'gummy' grips and a swingarm bag.

On top of these kits, Triumph will offer more than 150 official performance, touring and cosmetic accessories, including snazzy paint jobs, cruise control and heated grips.