Car parks itself after driver is thrown out in crash


This is the shocking moment a man is thrown from his car during a crash, only for his vehicle to roll unassisted into a nearby parking spot.

The video, which appears to have been recorded in Russia, shows a white car pulling across traffic to enter a junction. However, the driver's view of oncoming traffic is blocked by a minibus looking to turn in the opposite direction.

As the white car pulls out, the driver of a silver Mercedes travelling in the opposite direction is left with no time to react. The cars collide, sending the white hatchback spinning out. The driver, who appears not to be wearing a seatbelt, is thrown from the car and lands on the road.

As shocked onlookers rush to his aid, his car rolls slowly out of control and parks neatly on the other side of the road.

The driver appears to escape serious injury in the collision.