Aston Martin is reviving DB4 GT with 25 new track-only cars


The iconic Aston Martin DB4 GT is set to be revived, with the UK manufacturer announcing a limited run of 'new' cars built to the original specification.

The car was originally launched in 1959 as an evolved version of the DB4. It was shorter, lighter and had a more powerful version of the standard car's 3.7-litre straight-six engine. Its supercar-worthy performance made the GT highly sought after, but its racing pedigree gave it legendary status – it won its debut race at Silverstone with Sir Stirling Moss driving.

DB4 G.T. Continuation

DB4 G.T. Continuation

Just 75 were built at the time, with eight being created to the same 'lightweight' specification as this new run of cars.

The cars will be made at the same factory in Newport Pagnell as the original car, using a blend of old craftsmanship and modern techniques. Aston Martin says it has improved handling, braking, safety, and the performance of the engine without ruining the old car's character.

Collectors will be delighted to know that these continuation models will wear VIN numbers that carry on from the original production run.

The lightly upgraded engine makes 340bhp and feeds the rear wheels via a four-speed transmission and limited-slip differential. The thin-gauge aluminium panels have been cut and fitted using digital technology to improve consistency. However, they are hand-finished for authenticity.

Because the new run of DB4 GTs are strictly for track use only, Aston Martin has created a two-year track programme for buyers, which includes access to its driver training team.