Driver leaves Porsche in the middle of London road


A Porsche driver is reported to have parked his sports car in the middle of a Kensington road while he went shopping, and the resulting enraged confrontation was caught on camera.

The footage shows a smartly dressed Mercedes driver arguing with the owner of a white Porsche 911 Carrera 4S while a filming onlooker alleges that the man has parked his car in the middle of the road and gone shopping.

He is heard saying: "Why have you parked your car in the middle of the street? I can't believe you parked your car in the middle of the street and gone shopping."

After continuing to argue with the Mercedes driver, the Porsche owner turns his attention to the man filming.

"I haven't parked in the middle of the road to go shopping," he insists. "I picked something up from over there, that's all I was gonna do."

"I just want the man to stop," he adds, gesturing at the irate Mercedes driver.

"Unbelievable," the onlooker comments, as the Porsche driver retreats into his vehicle and manouevres it out of the way, allowing the Mercedes and a waiting Aston Martin to pass.

The incident occurred on Monday morning on Cresswell Place, where the average house sells for £3.3million.

It is unknown whether the police are taking any action against the obstructing motorist.