Jeremy Clarkson's massive head is being wheeled around America right now


A large sculpture of Jeremy Clarkson's head has been photographed strapped to the back of a truck in Washington.

Numerous members of the public have taken to social media to share their images of the hilarious sculpture.

As the photos began to circulate on Twitter, The Grand Tour co-host James May shared a picture with the caption: "Only just discovered that someone managed to shrink Clarkson's head."

The show's official Twitter account then joined in the fun by appearing to confirm that there would be further statues of both May and Richard Hammond.

It's unclear whether this is simply a publicity stunt for the show or if the completed statues will play some part in an episode later in the series.

An eagle-eyed motorist managed to get up close to the trailer and photographed the other boxes being transported. One appears to say 'Jeremy Clarkson's Crotch', while another says 'Jeremy Clarkson's Forearms'.

The Grand Tour is the new motoring show from the three former Top Gear presenters. This week will see the fourth episode aired on Amazon Prime, with the opening episodes receiving a mixed reception.

However, even the presenters are in the dark about how well the show is actually doing. Speaking to The Guardian, they said: "[Amazon] won't tell us. That's the rules and they really won't."

Amazon has confirmed, though, that the day the first episode aired it saw the second highest number of subscriptions to its Prime service, which is required to view the show.