Petrol station worker hit by car while trying to stop fuel thief


CCTV has captured the moment a petrol station employee was run down by a driver trying to avoid paying for fuel.

Michelle Carr, 46, works at the Jet service station in Barnsley and spotted the driver of a silver Mazda filling up fuel cans beside his car.

She became suspicious and went to approach the man, but when he saw her he jumped back in his car and sped away. Carr was knocked to the ground but fortunately escaped serious injury.

Debi Beardshall, the service station's manager, said: "He could have reversed and got away but he decided to go straight through her. Michelle is still in shock from it all.

"I think she keeps wondering what could have happened. If she had not put her hands up, she could have been dragged underneath the car."

South Yorkshire Police are investigating the incident, which happened yesterday afternoon.