Heavily camouflaged McLaren P14 caught testing on the road


McLaren's secretive supercar project appears to have been spied out on the road by an eagle-eyed YouTuber.

P14 is the codename McLaren has given to the car that will eventually replace the 650S. It is expected to use an evolved version of the 3.8-litre V8 engine that features in all of the manufacturer's cars.

The supercar was wearing a distinctive camouflage webbing designed to make it difficult for onlookers to make out details of the car's shape. However, the rear is clearly inspired by that of the P1 hypercar, with the curved rear fenders and LED taillights showing through.

The car was spotted on a country road travelling from Chichester towards Petersfield. According to the video uploader, the driver pulled into Lanzante Motorsport.

The company has a long history of working with McLaren and is responsible for converting the track-only P1 GTR for road use.

The P14 is expected to be officially unveiled next year.