Terrifying footage shows escape from wildfire


Residents of an American village filmed their terrifying escape as wildfire engulfed their mountainside home.

The video was recorded by Michael Luciano who lives in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Wildfires started in the nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park and spread quickly to neighbouring countryside.

Luciano, who lives in a cabin community called Chalet Village, says residents received no official warning about what was coming: "No warning, nothing. Not one single warning on the news, and you're telling me nobody knew almost every cabin in Chalet Village is burning to the freaking ground?"

He and his dog hitched a ride with a friend in a Dodge Ram pickup truck, and Luciano recorded their journey through the burning forest.

Homes can be seen ablaze, fires burn out of control inches from the road and trees have fallen across their path. Thick smoke means they can barely see past the bonnet, making the drive all the scarier.

Fortunately, the trio escaped unhurt and Luciano even received confirmation that his home was one of the few left standing.

The eastern Tennessee wildfire has killed seven people and injured 53. More than 15,500 acres of land has been destroyed, with 700 homes damaged.