Road raging biker throws rock through minivan window


There's something about being in control of a car or motorcycle that seems to bring the worst out in people.

Take this video as an example. It's unclear what started this road rage incident, but the video begins with a minivan driver overtaking a motorbike as the driver sticks his middle finger up at the rider.

The biker then returns the gesture and accelerates to catch up with the minivan. Incredibly, the driver winds his window down and throws a drink, which scores a direct hit on the rider's helmet.

Desperate to get revenge, the biker finds a stone beside the road and catches up with the minivan. He then launches it at the driver's side window, which immediately shatters.

The video uploader claims he's not the person in the video, but tries to justify the actions by saying: "What's worse, attempted murder or whatever it was that the biker did?"