Angry cyclist chases down driver who beeped at him


A cyclist has been caught on camera threatening a driver who beeped at him in a car park.

The driver with the dashcam, named as Graham Denison, 58, was leaving the retail park in Leeds when a cyclist crossed his path.

Unhappy with manoeuvre, Denison beeped his horn and carried on towards the exit.

The cyclist decided to chase Denison down and confronted him as he was about to leave the car park.

The cyclist said: "Do you know what I'm involved with? Do you know who I am?"

After exchanging further insults, the pair went their separate ways.

Following the incident, Denison told the Mirror: "Why he's talking like some sort of gangster, I haven't a clue. I was minding my own business trying to leave the car park and he shot out in front of me."