Baby survives in storm drain after being ejected during crash


An eight-month-old infant miraculously survived being thrown from a car following a rollover crash in Arkansas yesterday.

The incredible survival story happened after an 18-wheeler clipped a family's saloon on the interstate through Texarkana. The car flipped over and the baby was thrown clear from the vehicle.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and began searching the median for the missing child, when a good Samaritan said they heard a noise. Rescue workers cleared a storm drain to find the youngster sitting upright inside waiting to be pulled free.

Fortunately, the child's only injuries were a scratch to her forehead. Four other people in the car were also treated for minor injuries.

Authorities said that the girl's car seat wasn't installed properly, but did not issue a ticket. The truck driver was cited for an improper and unsafe lane change.