Australian man describes chasing runaway driver while in his pants


An Australian man has become a viral sensation after describing how he chased down a runaway driver in just his 'jocks'.

The incident took place early last Thursday, when someone crashed a car into a fish and chip shop in Brisbane.

Daniel McConnell was sleeping nearby at the time and was woken by his wife telling him what had happened.

"I jumped out of bed and all I had was me undies on," he told Australia's Nine Network. "I walked out the front and I've seen the car smashed and the bloke walking back to the car.

"So I said 'what are you doing, mate? You can't be leaving the scene', so he said 'don't be a hero mate'."

After being told the police had been called, the man fled. McConnell decided 'it ain't going on like that' so jumped in his car and chased him, before alerting police to the direction that the man was heading in.

McConnell explained that he was motivated to help because the shop was owned by his friend's mum and he wanted to help out in the community.