Police footage shows stolen bus joyride


Dramatic dashcam footage shows a police chase involving a bus that was stolen from a depot near Wolverhampton.

The single-decker bus was taken by two people from Sandwell Vehicles Ltd at about 8pm on March 30 2016. Police were alerted and eventually caught up to the pair, who had picked up a third person, in the early hours of the next day.

Behind the wheel was banned driver John Burton, who led police on a pursuit for more than 10 minutes. He continued to flee despite two of his tyres being deflated by a stinger device.

After causing about £10,000 worth of damage and breaking multiple traffic laws, the bus eventually came to a stop in The Paddock in Bilston.

Burton, 38, of Beaconsfield, Telford and his passengers, Simon Loveland, 39, from Dale Close, Tipton and Thomas Tibbs, 21, of Clinic Drive, Stourbridge, admitted to aggravated vehicle taking on the grounds of either driving or being carried in it. All denied stealing the bus.

Judge James Burbidge QC jailed Burton for 16 months, Loveland for 12 months and Tibbs for six.