Jaguar Land Rover makes facial recognition entry system


British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has applied for a patent to develop a facial recognition system to open their future vehicles.

The face and gait analysis system will detect the owner coming towards the vehicle and provide an extra level of security before the driver is allowed to enter the car.

Cameras will be installed into the doors of the cars to film those walking past and compare the images to those installed on an internal hard drive previously downloaded to the car by the owner.

This could stop the inherent problem of drivers digging for their keys in their pockets while having their hands full.

The patent was published in October this year and it details the full layout of the design, including two cameras and two image comparators to compare the moving and still images to those detected, as well as a key fob identification system.

More vehicles are now using keyless entry with the use of a fob and this leaves some susceptible to hacking.

In the design's summary, it says: "It is an ongoing challenge of the automotive industry to improve vehicle functionality and design and to further enhance the sophisticated feel of vehicles, without significant additional cost.

"As far as door entry is concerned, such systems must also be robust against misuse, for example theft or loss of a key-fob, so that vehicle security is maintained."

The patent also says the images of drivers "may be stored on a remote server" and could be "accessible via wireless communication."

Written by Jack Healy