Gordon Ramsay takes delivery of LaFerrari Aperta


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has become the proud owner of a super-exclusive LaFerrari Aperta.

It's the convertible version of the LaFerrari – 'aperta' means open in Italian – and has been made in very low numbers. The open-top hypercar is so exclusive that only Ferrari's best customers were contacted about buying one, with all of them selling out before it was even revealed to the public in July.

There's no official word on how much these customers had to pay for the privilege of owning such an incredible machine, but private brokers were reportedly touting cars in the region of £3m.

The convertible comes with all the same goodness found on the coupe. There's a 6.2-litre V12 making 790bhp and a 120kW electric motor, which combine to make 950bhp. Top speed is also identical at 217mph, while 0-60mph takes less than three seconds.

Ferrari challenged its designers to keep the drag coefficient the same as the coupe, too – even when the roof was off. To achieve this, minor revisions were made to alter air flow, such as changing the angle of the engine radiators, fitting new air ducts in the front bumper and placing L-shaped flaps above the windscreen.

An angled wind-stop fixed to the parcel shelf ensures that any turbulence that would otherwise enter the cabin is instead channelled away through spaces in the car's interior. Ferrari says this keeps occupants comfortable and means they can hold conversations at normal volumes even at speed.

Ramsay is well known for his love of Ferraris, and already owns a coupe version of the LaFerrari.