Mercedes-Benz goes coast-to-coast without using roads


Mercedes-Benz made history when 12 of its four-wheel drive models became the first cars to traverse the UK without using roads on record.

The vehicles that took on the 65-mile journey were a mixture of GLE, GLS and G-Class models. The trail took them across the Scottish Highlands, over the course of two days.

Mercedes-Benz goes coast-to-coast without using roads

Mercedes-Benz goes coast-to-coast without using roads

The vehicles were all standard UK cars, fitted with road-legal 'mud tyres', but with no modifications apart from the removal of side steps where fitted.

Leading the expedition was the G-Class, which has been combining off-road ability with luxury since 1979. Its permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive, low-range gearbox and three fully lockable differentials ensure are ideal for all terrain. It would need this to take on everything the Highlands would throw at it; from gravel and rock to wet grass, rivers and the mud.

Also in the pack were a selection of GLS's. Although they're kitted with quilted leather massage seats, the off-road package ensures it is equally at home off the beaten track. This adds a centre differential lock; protective underbody paneling, a low-range gearbox, fully manual mode for the automatic transmission, special off-road programming and an extra three selectable ride heights for the standard air suspension.

Finally, the stylish GLE might more commonly be seen on high streets rather than the Highlands, but when equipped with the off-road package it makes light work of the most arduous of routes. Just like the GLS, the GLE managed the entire off-road route, from rocks to rivers to muddy fields.

Article by Rebecca Chaplin