Bizarre road rage incident descends into petty insults


An argument between two motorists quickly turned to petty insults after a woman refused to back her car up for a horse box.

The video begins with one of the occupants of the horse box holding the camera while berating the female driver of a black Peugeot 208.

The man filming says: "You won't let us through with the horses. We have horses on. We have two loads of horses. You won't reverse."

The woman reiterates that she won't move before saying: "So you're treating horses better than human beings?" The man then resorts to petty insults as he begins to mock her weight, calling her an 'old fat wh**e'.

After trading more insults, she gets out of the car and kicks out at the man filming. Despite the woman saying 'call the police' it's unclear whether the incident was actually reported.