Toy Story fanatic called 'Buzz Lightyear' in court for speeding


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A Toy Story fanatic who changed his name by deed poll to 'Buzz Lightyear' has been found guilty of speeding.

Lightyear, of Bideford, Devon, who used to be known as Sam Stephens, appeared at Truro Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, facing a single charge of speeding on Saunton Road on June 8.

With his case listed under the name of 'Mr Buzz Lightyear', the 27-year-old was found guilty of breaking the 30mph limit and fined £200, with three points being added to his licence.

He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £30 and prosecution costs of £85.

In April, Lightyear won a year-long battle with the DVLA to have his driving licence issued under his new name.

At the time he told the Mirror: "I changed my name this time last year and at first the DVLA refused a driving licence.

"It has taken a year but two weeks ago they issued a driving licence in my name. It's great. I feel like it's a victory for me as they're a big old company and I still won.

"They had said as long as deed poll did not flag up the name, there should not be a problem - which there wasn't.

"But the DVLA then refused to issue me a licence. They said because my name is a fictional character and they are a European company, when I went abroad for example and showed my ID, it would bring the DVLA in disrepute.

"But I'm sure there are so many Harry Potters who did not had a problem. It didn't seem quite fair."

Lightyear admitted that his unusual name had caused other issues, including when it came to booking a table at a restaurant and the staff thought it was a prank.