Vespa reveals electric version of its iconic scooter


Vespa. It's a name that has been commonplace in households for seven decades, with the iconic scooters taking top spot on almost every teenager's Christmas list since 1946.

And now in its 70th year, the Italian manufacturer has entered a new era, unveiling an electric version of the previously fossil-fuelled scooter.

According to Vespa's parent company, Piaggio, the model will offer the style, manoeuverability and riding pleasure of a classic Vespa, but with a cheaper-to-run, eco-friendly powerplant. It will, first and foremost, be a 'true Vespa', it claims.

Not only has the powertrain been brought into the 21st century, but the Elettrica will also feature exciting technological and innovative connectivity solutions, details of which have not yet been revealed.

Pricing of the Elettrica is also yet to be revealed, although speculation suggests that it will be in the upper realms of the brand's model range. While electric scooters are already in abundance on many city streets, they aren't Vespas, and the iconic badge is expected to add a premium to the price.

This is not the only excitement the brand has in the pipeline. It recently revealed the Vespa 946 Red, an all-red version of it classic scooter. The model has been released in conjunction with (RED), a charity that supports those with AIDS/HIV. Profits from the model will not only go to fighting AIDS, but also tuberculosis and malaria.