Man knocked off scooter by sign in super typhoon


An unlucky scooter rider was knocked from his bike when a giant road sign collapsed during an intense storm in Taiwan.

Footage shows the rider making slow progress into the wind, caused by the super typhoon Meranti, when all of a sudden he comes to a stop and tries to walk his scooter backwards.

However, before he could get out of the way, a huge road sign flies into shot and swipes the man clean off the moped, knocking both rider and bike to the ground.

Despite the massive blow, the man immediately jumps to his feet and, abandoning his scooter, makes a run for it.
He appears to have been injured in the incident, which happened earlier this year, however the severity of his injuries are unknown.

Meranti, which killed 30 and caused £2.12bn worth of damageacross the Philippines, Taiwan and China was one of the most intense tropical cyclones ever recorded, with wind speeds of up to of 190mph.