White van driver confronts bikers after near-collision


A frustrated van driver decided to give a group of bikers a piece of his mind after one of them cut him up on a roundabout.

Footage of the furious rant was caught on the helmet cam of the rider to blame, and has since been shared to YouTube channel Dysfunc Gaming.

It begins as the group ride onto a small roundabout, in an unknown location in Britain. While the first two riders cross without incident, the third follows suit, cutting directly in front of the white van, which had joined from the right.

While on the roundabout, the rider looks directly at the van, which was forced to brake heavily, and shakes his head. This prompts the driver to follow the biker off of the roundabout and educate him to the dangerous behaviour.

After a foul-mouthed rant at the bikers, he then makes a valid point.

"I used to ride a motorbike, and I know what it's like to be 17-years-old, or 18-years-old, whatever you are, but you basically followed him and you all followed each other, that is what happened," he said.

"So you should be saying, 'thanks, buddy for not knocking me off my bike and putting me in a wheelchair.'"

"There's adverts on the telly about 'beware of motorbikes'. You've got a responsibility to everybody else as well."

He adds: "What would your mum say if she saw you in an ambulance on the way to hospital?"

One of the other riders then attempts to accept responsibility for the near miss, but the van driver isn't having any of it. After a final word of warning to the young biker, the man gets back in his van and drives off.

Watch the full confrontation below, but be warned, the clip contains bad language.