Husband-and-wife drift a Lamborghini around their local dealership


This husband-and-wife duo both make a living as stunt drivers, so it's perhaps no surprise that they like to hoon supercars in their spare time.

Sam and Stina Hubinette took their heavily modified Lamborghini Huracan to their local dealership in Newport Beach, California. Upon arrival, they took it in turns to drift around the showroom, mere inches from the fleet of Lambos up for sale.

The Italian supercar would have no trouble kicking the back out in stock form, but this particular Huracan has been tweaked to improve its ability to get sideways.

There's a custom hydraulic handbrake that controls an extra set of brakes at the rear, making drifts easy to perform. It also has a Vorsteiner Novara Edizone body kit, redesigned rear diffuser, aggressive body kit and 20-inch alloy wheels.