McLaren destroyed in Los Angeles street racing crash


Two people were injured and a McLaren supercar worth £150,000 destroyed in a horrific crash in Los Angeles yesterday.

The bright green McLaren MP4 12C Spider was reportedly street racing at 60mph in a 25mph zone against an Audi when they collided. Both drivers were taken to hospital, with one suffering 'severe injuries'.

A third car, a grey saloon, was also damaged in the collision which occurred near Hale Charter Academy shortly before 5pm.

A black Dodge Charger and a grey or silver BMW are reported to have fled the scene.

Photos taken after the collision show the damaged silver Audi in the middle of the road, while the McLaren appears to have come off far worse. Green debris litters the pavement and the entire front of the car is destroyed.

While the exact circumstances of the crash are unknown, the McLaren is registered to a man named Kenneth Lynch who lives near to the where the crash happened.

he married father works as a financial controller for Relativity Media LLC, the company behind dozens of hit movies including Blood Diamond and Despicable Me.

He appears to be a bit of a car aficionado, having previously posted pictures online of a white McLaren MP4-12C coupé, with the caption: "Tonight's car I took to the drag strip."

Speaking to Eyewitness News, Los Angeles Police Department Officer Charles Rodriguez said: "Don't street race. It always ends up like this. Somebody ends up in the hospital."