Shocking road rage attack ends with man hanging from his own wing mirror


A shocking road rage attack in broad daylight ended with an aggressive man left hanging from his own wing mirror.

The video was captured by another motorist who chanced upon a man in a red hoodie having an argument with the driver of a black Ford Kuga.

The man filming says: "F***ing madness going on – early morning, nine o'clock."

But as he pulls alongside he realises the seriousness of the incident as the aggressor has a screwdriver in his hand and appears to be threatening the other driver.

After shutting the door and returning to his own car, the man with the screwdriver is then targeted by the Kuga driver who rams him with his vehicle, slamming him against his car and leaving him hanging by his jeans from the wing mirror.

The video is though to have been taken in the capital, as it was uploaded by YouTube channel BallerAlert London. However, the date of the incident and whether any police action has been taken is unknown.