Door flies from roof of car and nearly hits motorcyclist


A motorcyclist had a lucky escape after a wooden door fell from the roof of a car in front of him and came cartwheeling through the air.

The near-miss was caught on the biker's helmet cam, and he later shared the video online.

In the footage, the biker rides along an unidentified tree-lined road behind a Land Rover Defender, when all of a sudden the door, which had been tied to the 4x4's roof, comes free and flies from the car.

While at first the biker looks to be on a collision course with the door, it twists to one side and he manages to swerve around it.

Swearing, he sounds his horn to alert the driver to his lost load, who then pulls up in a layby further along the lane.

"There's your door dude," the biker shouts as he overtakes the car.

"Jesus," he adds. "I didn't need a door coming towards me."

He then continues on his ride, chuckling at his good luck in the very, very near-miss.