Bikers' Halloween gathering blocks busy road in Leeds


Dozens of bikers caused chaos in Leeds yesterday evening, with a Halloween ride-out bringing a major route into the city to a standstill.

The 50-strong group, consisting of mostly off-road bikes and quads, converged on Kirkstall Road, forcing police to close it for an hour and a half until they had left. Drivers on other roads and in the city centre also reported similar problems with bikers.

Witnesses claim the bikers were performing wheelies and riding carelessly along pavements, in scenes that were likened to the Mel Gibson blockbuster 'Mad Max'.

Squad cars and a helicopter from West Yorkshire Police attended the incident, although no arrests have yet been made.

The ride-out had reportedly been arranged on social media.

Police countrywide are cracking down on such biker gatherings. During a ride-out in London on Sunday, the Met Police arrested eight men for failing to stop, while tyre deflation devices were used to stop 17 motorbikes and three quads.