Driver causes big wreck by pulling stupid U-turn


An inattentive motorist caused a huge wreck in Northern Ireland after pulling off an ill-advised U-turn.

The incident, which took place on the A1 near Rathfriland, was captured on the dashcam of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class that got caught up in the crash.
While travelling in the left lane of the dual-carriageway, a Honda Jazz up ahead can be seen stopped in the slip road coming on to the main road.

As the Mercedes approaches, the Honda driver pulls across both lanes.

Unfortunately for the Mercedes driver, the Jazz pulls directly into his path. Despite his best efforts to avoid the crash, the S-Class smashes into the front of the hatchback.

Darren Smith, who was behind the wheel of the Mercedes at the time, told the Belfast Telegraph that both he and the other driver only suffered minor injuries.

"Both cars are a write-off and I am left in limbo as regard to work. I was on my way to a client in Dublin and had to re-arrange cover," he said.