Driver escapes flaming car just in time


Here's the dramatic moment a racing driver escaped from his racing car with seconds to spare as it was engulfed in flames.

Ben Waddell shared the scary in-car video on his Twitter page.

In the video, Waddell is accelerating when a loud pop can be heard. Almost immediately, liquid can be seen spraying into the cabin.

He'd suffered a ruptured petrol tank and realised the fuel was now covering him. Pulling on to the grass he brakes hard and starts pulling his seatbelt straps off before he's even stopped.

He then rips off the steering wheel and opens the door as the car goes up in flames.

Jack Kach, a fellow racer, tweeted "I wasn't far behind you on the back straight and saw you hop out with your suit on fire. Glad you're ok!"

Waddell escaped the fiery incident with only a few blisters.