Honda and Kabuku Inc. collaborate to unveil 3D-printed car


Honda has collaborated with 3D printing company Kabuku Inc to create a micro delivery van for Japanese confectionary company Toshimaya Corp.

Called the Micro Commuter, the small van has its panels made in the printer by Kabuku, with Honda building the lightweight pipe frame structure and providing its Micro EV technology, which has a range of 50 miles.

The van's power unit has a maximum output of 15bhp and takes the Micro Commuter to a top speed of 43mph.

Weighing just 600kg, the Micro Commuter has space for just the driver and the goods, which will mainly be Toshimaya Corp's 'Hato Sablé', the company's signature dove-shaped shortbread.

Honda and Kabaku team up on 3D-printed car project

Honda and Kabaku team up on 3D-printed car project

Used to navigate the narrow streets around Toshimaya's offices in Kamakura, south Japan, the Micro Commuter is built to be as light and as manoeuvrable as possible.

Kabuku prints the exterior body panels, the interior luggage space and the exterior detailing that fit onto Honda's pipe framework.

The vehicle was shown off at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC), which is an annual trade show in Japan that shows off the latest in IT and electronic development.

When describing the design process, Kabuku said: "We were able to provide a mass customised original vehicle by responding to their individual needs for design, engineering and manufacturing by utilising 3D printers."

Written by Jack Healy