Mad inventor blows up van with fireworks


Have you ever been transporting hundreds of fireworks in the back of a Transit van and wondered what might happen if there was a fire?

Well, thanks to mad inventor on YouTube, we have the answer to a question no-one was really asking. Colin Furze has made a name for himself building amazing contraptions in his shed, such as Wolverine claws and a bicycle powered by a jet.

Furze explains that his van was ready for the scrap heap, so he wanted to give it a fitting send off. He filled the back with fireworks and started a fire before running to a safe distance.

Unsurprisingly, the fireworks fill the van with smoke and colourful explosions. As the light show peaks, the van catches fire and is ultimately left a charred mess.

Then a guy in an aeroplane pulls up to fan the flames, ensuring the fire truly takes hold.

The van makes for a sorry sight as it's dragged from the airfield the next day!