Policeman in China carried on car bonnet for more than a mile


A Chinese police officer got more than he bargained for when he stopped a vehicle in Xuzhou, in the country's Jiangsu province.

The driver of the car, who was reportedly intoxicated, accelerated towards the officer as he signalled to stop. Scooping him up onto the bonnet, the driver carried on for 1.2miles, reaching speeds of almost 60mph before finally coming to a halt.

Footage of the incident was caught on the offending motorist's own dashcam, and shows the terrified officer clinging to the bonnet, losing his hat during the dramatic ride.

Despite the driver swerving around other cars, and swinging his vehicle into corners, the officer manages to hang on, and when the vehicle finally comes to a stop he can be seen grimacing in pain.

Luckily, he escaped with only bruising. Two people were reportedly arrested following the incident.