UK's driverless car trials begin in Milton Keynes


Driverless cars will drive in public in the UK for the first time from today.

The demonstration of the autonomous electric vehicles is taking place in Milton Keynes because the town has wide pavements and a well-established cycle path network.

The tests mark the culmination of an 18-month research project by Oxford Robotics and its spinoff company Oxbotica, which involved virtually mapping the town and updating regulations for self-driving cars.

The vehicles can manoeuvre without the need for human intervention, and use cameras and LiDAR detection technology to navigate the streets.

"Today's first public trials of driverless vehicles in our towns is a ground-breaking moment," Britain's business minister Greg Clark said.

"The global market for autonomous vehicles presents huge opportunities for our automotive and technology firms and the research that underpins the technology and software will have applications way beyond autonomous vehicles," he said.