Rescuers save mother and child from Hurricane Matthew floods


A mother and child were dramatically saved after their car was swept away by a flood.

The incredible rescue was caught on camera by the Fayetville Police Department as they dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Officers were patrolling floodwater when they came across a car that had stalled.

As emergency services arrive on the scene, the woman is standing outside of her part-submerged car. In her left arm she tightly clings on to her toddler.

The police approach in their large truck and an officer climbs out of the back, stepping on to the car's bonnet. A colleague then climbs out to offer support, and the child is passed to safety.

Police then comfort the crying baby as her mother is also pulled on to the truck.

The dramatic rescue was filmed during a Facebook Live video, in which officers were urging residents not to drive.