Dashcam captures moment a van spins out on the motorway


A dashcam has filmed the moment a van driver lost control on the M4, narrowly avoiding other cars before colliding with the central reservation.

The incident took place on the motorway outside Part Talbot in south Wales on September 29. The video starts with the car equipped with the dashcam following a van in the middle lane.

Although the skies are clear, it appears to have rained recently as there are puddles on the road.

While driving along a straight section of motorway, the van suddenly veers left before spinning back across the road. The vehicle with the dashcam begins to brake as the van then skids backwards across its path and hits the central reservation.

It's unclear exactly what caused the crash, but the van may have aquaplaned causing the driver to over-correct.

Fortunately, it appears nobody was hurt in the incident.