Masked bikers terrorise streets of Liverpool


Masked motorcyclists caused chaos in Liverpool in a protest against a police crackdown on their behaviour.

The 60-strong group of riders pulled wheelies, skipped lights, cut up traffic and rode on pavements through Otterspool, Bootle, Garston, West Derby, Speke, Old Swan, Kirkdale and Walton.

Sunday's incident was the latest of many in recent months, which have left local residents fearing that innocent motorists or pedestrians could be killed if the rogue riders don't stop.

This weekend's gathering was in response to a Merseyside Police crackdown under Operation Brookdale, in which they are targeting the criminal and anti-social use of scrambler and quad bikes throughout the area.

Over the summer months, more than 200 of the off-road motorcycles were seized, many of which were found to be illegal or stolen.

While some of the bikes were returned to their owners, others were crushed and a video of their destruction shared by the police force as a deterrent.

A Merseyside Police spokesman confirmed that the force helicopter monitored Sunday's anti-social riding.

He said: "The tactic is being used to avoid increasing the risk to public safety and to maximise the amount of evidence that can be gathered to take firm action at a later stage.

"The force is committed to tackling the anti-social and illegal use of scrambler and quad bikes and, following a successful campaign this summer in which dozens of bikes were seized and crushed thanks to information from the public, would continue to appeal for people to tell us who is riding them and where they are being hidden."