A journalist crashed a new Honda NSX and blamed it on a bee sting


A Taiwanese journalist has crashed a new Honda NSX on a test run after being stung by a bee.

The unnamed driver was travelling along the Wang Kung Temple Provincial Highway in Taiwan when it happened. According to reports in the region, he told police that a bee stung him, which caused him to veer into a concrete barrier.

The car is marked as '#0000', which means it is probably a pre-production example. However, Honda gives all of its prototype and press fleet cars this designation, so it's unlikely this car was actually the first NSX out of the factory.

The new NSX marks the first time Honda has built a supercar since it ceased production of the old NSX in 2005. The new car utilises a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine and three electric motors to produce 573bhp.