CCTV captures the moment hay bales fall off a truck and smash shop windows


Incredible CCTV footage has captured the moment a truck shed its load of hay bales causing damage to shops.

The incident happened on Bridge Street in Ardee, Ireland about 6.45am last Wednesday. A truck can be seen driving towards the camera with a number of bales hanging off the side of its trailer.

The loose hay hits an electricity pole, which is sent crashing into nearby buildings. The collision causes a chain reaction that sees a number of hay bales pulled from the truck and hit shop fronts.

The Hamills of Number 19 pub took the brunt of the impact, but fortunately the large windows didn't smash. Power was knocked out in the incident and wasn't restored until later that evening.

The driver of the truck didn't stop, and police had to call a tractor in to remove the debris.