Secret boy racer society blocks Piccadilly Circus with supercars, again!


A supercar club renowned for its secrecy has once again brought the streets of London to a standstill, as members showed off their high-powered and even higher-priced motors.

The Piccadilly Boy Racers made news last week after stopping traffic on the famous road of the same name. On Saturday, the fleet of exclusive and modified vehicles once again descended on London, touring through the upmarket areas of Knightsbridge, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Haymarket.

Models including a Lamborghini Huracan, BMW M6, Bentley Continental GT, a Ferrari FF, Mercedes AMG GTS and multiple Nissan GT-Rs were among the 15-strong group.

Onlookers crowded the pavements to take photos and videos of the drive-by, which was slightly more toned down than last week's display, in which burnouts were pulled and the police were called.

Brothers Kash and Shabs Ahmad, who own performance specialists Kream Developments, run the exclusive club.

The pair, from Ilford, Essex, claim to have received a large amount of interest in the PBR following last week's event, but reiterated that only those with high-end supercars are allowed to join.