Dash cam footage shows moment drivers narrowly avoid horror crash


Footage has emerged showing the moment two drivers narrowly avoided crashing into the back of stationary traffic on the M6.

The video begins in the outside lane of the motorway, with the dash cam-carrying car following a black Skoda Octavia. As the pair overtake slower vehicles, the Skoda is suddenly seen swerving to the side.

As it pulls left, it clips the rear bumper of a Volkswagen Polo that has stopped in traffic. The car with the dash cam has no time to react and takes avoiding action between the stopped cars and the central barrier.

It manages to dodge the Polo and an Audi A3 but makes impact with a Renault Megane. Fortunately, the driver's quick reactions mean that the crash is relatively low speed and everyone appears to escape unhurt.

This video is a perfect example of why you should always leave a gap on the motorway and look well ahead.