Runaway bus crashes into wall after driver forgets handbrake


Passengers on a Stagecoach bus were left terrified after its driver exited the vehicle without applying the handbrake, leaving it to freewheel into a wall.

Student Joe Duffy, 17, caught the panic inside the bus on camera, as it began to roll down Calvesford Road in Torrington, North Devon, picking up momentum.

The bus's trajectory was only halted by a garden wall, which suffered significant damage in the collision.

The driver has reportedly left the vehicle to check on damage caused by clipping a kerb earlier in the day.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said it was aware of the incident.

He continued: "On Tuesday one of our buses was involved in an incident in North Devon and we are carrying out a full investigation to find out what happened.

"Safety is our first priority and we can confirm that neither the driver nor any of the passengers were injured."