Giant inflatable moon rolls over cars in China


Motorists in the Chinese city of Fuzhou were left bewildered after a giant inflatable 'Moon' broke free from a festival float and began to roll along a motorway.

Footage of the moon's rampage, filmed on Wednesday, shows it rolling across pedestrians, motorcycles and cars on the busy road.

Strong winds from the approaching Typhoon Meranti are thought to have snapped the tethers holding it in place at the lunar-worshipping Mid-Autumn Festival, held in the city.

The slightly deflated blob engulfed cars as the wind carried it over them, taking up two lanes of the motorway, in the country's Fujian Province.

It then bounced onto a construction site, continuing to gain momentum, before rolling out of sight. No-one is believed to have been hurt during the Moon's bid for freedom, however its outcome is unknown.