Driver pulls off impressive drift in 40-year-old bus


A 40-year-old school bus would not be the immediate choice to modify into a drift wagon, but one talented driver appears to have done so, and the result is surprisingly impressive.

Footage of the eight-ton vehicle is doing the rounds on the internet, with drift fans almost incredulous at the 1970s vehicle's performance.

Filmed at an unknown location, thought to be in America, the bright yellow bus repeatedly laps a roundabout clockwise, much to onlookers' glee.

With smoke pouring from its exhaust and a cloud of dust trailing in its wake, the bus leans heavily on its two left-hand wheels, as its tyres squeak in protest.

How is such a feat possible? Judging by the noise created by the bus's engine, it has undergone extensive modification. The drifting, however, is all down to the driver.