Kind-hearted supercar owner sees his GT-R stolen and crashed


A millionaire's kind-hearted decision to pull over and help a car crash victim backfired when an opportunist thief stole his new supercar before losing control and crashing it.

Ali Maadelat, who founded the Lorenz Marketing Group and is known online as Ali the Savage, had only owned his 2017 Nissan GT-R for a few hours when it was stolen.

A series of clips posted on his Snapchat story show his jubilation at buying the car turning to disbelief and anger after it was stolen and crashed.

He explains the situation in full in further Snaps, commenting: "I was driving on my way home when I see this crazy, crazy accident happen right next to me. So like a Good Samaritan, I stop and actually help.

"I call the cops and I call the ambulance and I'm sitting there talking to the woman and telling her everything's going to be okay, accidents happen and she's safe and everything's fine.

"As I'm doing that, I hear vrroom and think to myself holy s***, that car sounds really nice.

"So I turn around, and I see my car speeding away, and all of a sudden it starts fishtailing really, really hard. And then it pretty much just goes straight across the freeway, full speed and smashes into the wall.

"So I think holy s***, and I keep looking - and a dude just climbs out of the car and runs away."

He then turns the camera to his damaged car. "This is what my brand-new 2017 GTR that I got an hour and a half, two hours ago, looks like now," he commented.